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    Inter ratial dating

    We also have had large numbers of Italian, Polish, Scandanavian, Czech, Dutch, Russian and French immigrants throughout the history.

    So, now you will almost never meet someone that is 100% anything.

    If they take the risk to become a race-traitor, instead of being proud and honoured to build together on the White heritage, it's also their problem.

    But they have to bear the consequences themselves: I feel no sorry for them. In the end most of them do understand that they were wrong. I think both reactions will occur, although it is - I guess - illegal to openly protest this kind of relationships.

    So, it is fairly obvious that 'Hispanics' are not White like say an Italian, Spainard, Norwegian, Pole.

    So, with that being said, I personally do not feel Whites should be dating with Hispanics.

    I dont agree with that, I think there is also not a big difference between hispanics and other whites...european races have mixed with each other for a long time, visigoths with iberians for example in spain, frisians with saxons and franks in the Netherlands, etcetera A couple of points : here in the US, 'Hispanic' would be a nonwhite, someone with mixed mestizo ancestry. Hispanics as we know them here are primarily Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Colombian, etc.

    It is estimated that about 60& (s i x t y percent, this is not a typo) of the children in the large cities are of non-western ethnicity.

    This is also, more or less, the position of most political parties. This is not only done by leftish (including Christian) broadcasting organisations, but also in TV-commercials, featuring mixed couples almost exclusively of the "blond woman - negroid man" category, by companies who apparently want to be regarded as "progressive", or who seem to think the race mixers form a growing market.

    I live in Rotterdam, and I see a lot of mixed couples here, most of them (I estimate about more than 90&) composed of white females with non-white males, most of them negroes.

    In Europe, would it really be such a great thing if this happens?

    14 Words There is a lot of interracial dating in Flanders and Holland, but it's mostly limited to specific areas: in some cities White girls are quite vulnerable for interracial relationships.

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